Motorcycle tire testing tips

Source: KKE Technology Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019-08-16

Motorcycle tires carry both the body and the driver, but also directly on the road, its safety importance is self-evident, regular good inspection and maintenance is very important, master some simple and common safety testing methods, not only can effectively maintain the car, but also make driving safer. The following three tips to detect tires to everyone.

1. Tire pressure detection method

Mainly check the tire pressure to ensure that it is in a reasonable and moderate range, so that it can work in the best condition, while extending the service life. Too high or too low tire pressure, easy to increase the sense of bumps, destabilization, increase driving resistance, but also cause excessive wheel load (low tire pressure caused by extrusion), greatly reducing the use of the wheel life.

Tire pressure detection is very simple, just buy a tire pressure detector online, that is, intuitive, accurate, and inexpensive. Generally speaking, the front tire pressure of a motorcycle should be kept at about 250kpa (kilopascals) and the rear tire pressure at about 280kpa (kilopascals), with other special cases referring to the wheel model and its specific regulations. If the tire pressure is detected to be too high or too low, the tire pressure should be increased or decreased in time. It should be emphasized that tire pressure detection should be carried out under cold tire condition, and tire pressure measurement must be carried out before long-distance riding.

2. Tire pattern detection method

This is mainly to detect whether our motorcycle wheels are excessively worn. There are two main methods: one is the measurement method, which is to measure the depth of the tire pattern. Usually the minimum use depth of the tire pattern is between 0.8~1mm, below this depth, the wheel should be replaced in time. This type of detection method has many kinds, useful coin detection, useful ruler detection, useful fixed reference detection, can be, the ultimate purpose is to timely find out whether the tire pattern is too small.

Second, the bump detection method, this method is mainly for the tire pattern within the set of bump detection of the wheel, some motorcycle wheels in the tire pattern with a small raised point, tire friction consumption to the inside of the bump can be replaced when the ground contact.

3. Visual inspection method

This method is both simple and extremely important, and requires a good habit of regular inspection during daily riding. Through visual inspection, carefully check whether there are cracks and cuts on the surface of the tire, whether there are sharp objects such as glass and iron inserted, and replace it in time if it is serious. If the wheel is found to be partially swollen, it indicates that the tire has been damaged and needs to be replaced in time.